Nuala Walsh- Beech tree Nursing Home


"Jessica Harris has provided Music Therapy for our Residents over the past few months using wind and percussion instruments to stimulate the senses of our more dependant Residents. During a session, Jessica would meet with a small group of Residents and using different instruments she would stimulate their senses using motivational sounds. These Residents, who do not normally communicate, are more relaxed and cheerful during the music session and would smile or hum along when the instruments are being played. One instrument could emulate the sounds of the sea which in itself was found to be very therapeutic. I can highly recommend Jessica in her role as music therapist, she is a very calm person and has a truly positive effect on the Residents.Music therapy has been a very positive addition to our social programme for our more dependant residents. It provides them with stimulating sounds in a calm and peaceful environment and they thoroughly enjoy it."

Micheal Brophy


"It was a terrific experience on the occasions that we engaged with the music therapy concept. All of our participants are Elders in the community and it generated a remarkable sense of social cohesion and fulfillment among them. It was a real antidote to the sense of social isolation that many elders feel ,even in the heart of an urban environment. Jessica was absolutely brilliant, very inclusive, caring and gentle, yet getting the necessary technical " hard work" done in developing a choral ethos and achievement within the group. We would recommend her highly to anybody contemplating an engagement with music therapy. Music Therapy complemented our approach towards helping our Elders to flourish and develop as unique individual persons within a framework of social cohesion a real antidote to the sense of social isolation that many Elders feel, even in the heart of an urban environment.."


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